• Inspire / add members
  • Create, improve loyalty
  • Increase coop revenues
  • Improve member profits
  • Bylaws & compensation
  • Board of Directors
  • Inspire members
  • Improve loyalty
  • Increase purchasing
  • Improve services
  • Improve member profits
  • Add new members
  • Create franchise loyalty
  • Provide better services
  • Boost franchisee profits
  • Boost franchise profits
  • Sell more franchises

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve sales
  • Build customer satisfaction
  • Enhance customers’ success
  • Improve programs

Welcome to Ingage Consulting

Ingage Consulting is a management consulting firm focused exclusively on the unique needs of business cooperatives’ and groups’ leadership and membership. Employing proven techniques, Ingage Consulting leaders work closely with our group leader clients to create a more engaged and holistic organization.  Ingage Consulting supports leaders by energizing and engaging management, members and the Board and ultimately bringing improvements to productivity, morale, sales and profitability

Ingage Consulting was founded and is led by group dynamics and collaboration expert, Evan Hackel. Throughout his 25 years in business, Mr. Hackel helped found and manage multiple groups, cooperatives and franchises, the largest with greater than $3 Billion in annual revenue and 1000 worldwide locations.  As such he has amassed great knowledge and witnessed industry best practices. He is proud and excited to be able to share his expertise and insight with groups’ executive management, Boards, members and suppliers.

Ingage Consulting works with organizations with groups of business, such as cooperatives, buying groups, franchises, or manufacturing groups/distributor groups.

Avoid Misconceptions, Avoid Failure

It’s fast, and free! Read this article in Franchising World magazine to discover the engagement secret that your franchise has been missing.

At Ingage Consulting, we have found that engagement is one of the most important factors in the success of a franchise but because of the misconception that satisfaction is synonymous with engagement, many franchisors are under the false impression that their franchisees are engaged.. President, Evan Hackel has written an article based on this concept.  The article explains the costs of unengaged or disengaged franchisees and gives tips on improving engagement, it serves as both a comprehensive explanation of engagement and a starting point for successful business practices.

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